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VIVI products
2D Codes
Software for Textile
You can download demonstration software
VSCODE® Products

Handy scanner
THIR - 3000H
Noncontact handy scanner for various types of 2D codes.
Readable 2D code encoded high-density.

Fixed scanner
  Fixed and embedded 2D code scanner
  Put the screen of a cell phone above this scanner, the 2D code on th screen is decoded immediately.

  VS Encode Library
  Easy to make VSCODE® on personal computer.
  You can download this demonstration software.
  Click here to download...

VS Decode Library
This is a software to decode 2D code - VSCODE® and to convert to text.

System of supporting for sales with PDA

You can refer / download catalog of VSCODE® products.


Fingerprint ID card using VSCODE®                       
You can download demonstration software of VSCODE®.

VS code Encoder