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We have long experience with the image processing-based software.
We are now developing 2D code-based software as it is important coding technology in the new information age replacing the linear bar code.

"Vericode", "CP code", "DataMatrix and "QR code" are the four main 2D matrix code in the world because of their great capacity in the small area. We have technology of decoding all of these four 2D code.

Also we unveiled newest 2D code - "VSCODE®".
VSCODE most excels at all - data capacity, reading speed, and recognition.

Our domestic and overseas clients are able to use these code without any problems since we have licenses patented 2D code.

We introduce our easy-to-use and user-friendly technology together with the Veritec's high technology, which is global standard on liquid crystal and NASA has adopted. Especially for people with disability or elder age, our keyboardless system "One-Shot Link" is quite helpful.

We have advantage of security.
Using private 2D code, we can offer you the reliable system which is difficult to forge.
We are pleased to serve you the superior technology with reasonable price.
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