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2D Codes
Software for Textile
You can download demonstration software
DMS Ver1.01 Windows95/NT4.0/2000 32Bit version
Software for Design Management
 In this way, every all item of product information can contained in CPCode. If you attach the CPCode, encoded and printed by DMS, onto the fabric sample, you can decode it instantly using hand-held scanner in order to show the product data of the exact sample on the display or print a table of it.

* Display * Display list of information of design
Fast to display wealth of data of design on preview. List of data of design presentation which is displayed on window.
* Information of design Registration  * Print information of design
Registerable information of design while create it's groups sorting and confirm on preview. Printable selected information of design.
* Search * Registerable file format
Fast and easy to get information,searching the data added to the design. JPEG/BMP
* Input design information

* Password

Registration data of design and input data
of textile information.
protected data by password.