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What is 2d-code?                                                   
CP code
What is 2D code?
2D-Code is a revolutionary machine-readable code specifically designed to address the limitations of bar codes.
The CP code, VSCODE® 2D matrix symbology adds another dimension to each code symbol by encoding bits of data into the squares of a tiny array.

Comparison between Bar-code and 2D code

2D code Bar-code
Information capacity About 4,000 characters About 20 characters
Kind of information Alphanumeric figure,Kanji Alphanumeric figure
Information density 160 1
Error Correction function Contained Uncontained

Special feature of 2D code
Storable a large quantity of data
Try to move your mouse on two 2D code(CPcode) on left.
Each code shows all of writings(numerics).
This is why 2D code can include more data - several dozen
times-several hundred times data than Bar code's.
2D code can encode about 4,000 figures in one code.
And Finally, VSCODE® can encode about 4,450 figures ! - most data among 2D codes.

Able to encode all kind of data
2D code can encode all kind of data, alphanumeric, kanji,
kana, and binary data

Design occupied as little space as possible
The size of 2D codes is only 1/10 - 1/100 of Bar-code when you encode
same data,
because 2D code encodes bits of data into the squares of a tiny
2D code needs little space.
And printable to space like table which height is narrow, because VSCODE® can be encoded into rectangly.

Omni-directional and Reverse Image Reading Capability
Because 2D code can be read at any angle of rotation, there is no need to orient items in order to read them. CP code and VSCODE® can also be read from the back, such as through a glass bottle or vial.
Sophisticated Mathemetical Error Correction
2D code decoding software uses the highly sophisticated Reed-Solomon algorithms to detect and correct symbol damage, for example a mark, tear, or void. While the standard level of error correction suits most applications, VIVI can tailor the level of error correction up to the maximum theoretical limits.

Advanced Image Analysis of Warped, Skewed or Diistored
CP code and VSCODE® software was designed for excellent readability on curved or irregurarly shaped objects, for example, bottles, cans, and surgical instruments. Items which could never before be marked with a bar code are perfectly suited to CP code and VSCODE®.

Storable a large quantity of data
Try to move your mouse on CP code at the bottom.

Example of CP code encoding kanji, and kana.

Example of CP code encoding numeric.
Design occpied as little space as possible
Systems which is taking advantage of the qualities of large information capacity and design occupied as little space...
* Clening system
* DMS Design Manager
More informations...
You can refer and download information about 2D codes.

CP code