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VIVI products
2D Codes
Software for Textile
You can download demonstration software
Business Operations
Development and sales of Veritec products inside/outside Japan
Development and sales of computer software and hardware
Development of CPcode and its applications
We have reputation for development of image procession software;
e.g. textile design system and control system.
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This matrix code most excels at
reading performance

and reading speed
than any other 2D codes.
Volume of data : Max 4,450bytes - It is biggest than any other 2D codes !
Error Correction : Settable Error Correction in unlimited.
Able to customize : Printable to space like table because VSCODE® can be encode to rectangle code.
VSCODE® is great for security system using photo or fingerprint information
CP code
This matrix code has been attracted much more attention than any other two-dimensional code for the compactness with the big capacity. Until now, this is only patented code in Japan. We hold non-exclusive rights of commercializing of this "CPcode" - international patented. To Download sample software ...

A Series of Hi-Tex Design System
This is the textile design system for clothes (inner/outer), interior fabric --carpet, bath mat, curtain etc, and automotive fabric.
We have sales experiences to various overseas clients as well as the leading textile makers and designers in Japan.

Mainly, we develop the software for control system on consignment.

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