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2D Codes
Software for Textile
You can download demonstration software
1000M Controller
Photo of 1000M Controller * 1000M Controller
* Knitting machine controller compatible with Fukuhara/Monarch knitting machines.

Image of VSCODE symbol * VSCODE®
*  VSCODE® excels at data density, high-precision of reading, speed of reading.
* Data capacity of VSCODE® is about 4,450 bytes, largest among 2-D Codes.
* Settable with unlimited Error Correction .
* Printable to limited space because able to Encode into rectangular code.
   Almost codes is encoded into square code only.
* VSCODE® is great for security sector with head shot or fingerprints information, etc. Because VSCODE® has great feature - high capacity, able to customize.

CP code
Image of CP Code symbol * CP code
* 2D Matrix Code excels at data density, high-precision of reading, versatility, and economical efficiency.
* CP code promises good possibility which cannot be materializedwith bar code.

Textile Design System
CyberPaint * Hi-Tex CyberPaint
DMS Design Manager * DMS Design Manager

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CP code                   
Hi-Tex CyberPaint   

Demonstration Software
You can download demonstration software of CP code and VSCODE®

CP code Encoder
VSCODE® Encoder