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- 2D Matrix code - VSCODE®
What is 2D code?
matrix code, VSCODE
   Capacity NO.1

         - MAX 4,450 bytes -

VSCODE® is the best 2D code!

VSCODE® is one of the 2D codes which most excels at data capacity, reading capability, and reading speed.
VSCODE® has the biggest capacity comparing any other 2D codes.
The data capacity of VSCODE® is max 4,450 bytes !
Effective error correction - All fields except for user and control data fields are assigned to error correction.
Rectangular/square shape is available to fit the print space.
VSCODE® represents ID photo or biometric data such as fingerprints. It is suitable for security use with its big capacity and user-customizable.

     VSCODE® is great for small goods with
     * Price tag
     * Chop mark

VSCODE® can realize
* Electrical component's management
* Management of Distribution of goods

 * Mobile with cell phone

           * Management of medical products

Fingerprints ID Card Using the VSCODE®

1. To make ID card
Read your fingerprint by a scanner. (The software encodes the data as VS code.)

       +       Add Personal data
                (such as name, address, sex etc.)

           Print the ID card with VSCODE®(your fingerprint data).
2. To identify the ID card owner (with fingerprint + VSCODE®)

  Insert the card and touch the panel.
  The software decodes the VSCODE®
  to compare with your fingerprint on the


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Fingerprint ID Card using the